Executive Corner: Emrgy CEO Emily Morris

Emrgy CEO and Founder Emily Morris visited Executive Corner to talk about her clean energy tech startup, and how her company benefited from a close partnership with the City and Invest Atlanta. 

Emrgy provides a sustainable way to tap into new energy resources within existing waterways and convert that energy into clean, reliable electric power. Their small, modular flexible water turbines can be scaled at high quantities for growth in power generation that can serve those around it. 

In 2015, Emrgy received a $30,000 investment through Atlanta Emerging Markets, Inc., or AEMI. (AEMI is a U.S. Treasury-certified Community Development Entity created by Invest Atlanta in 2006.) And in 2016, Invest Atlanta stewarded Emrgy into the Atlanta Demonstration Project, which allowed them to pilot and test their technology at the R.M. Clayton Water Treatment Plant, in partnership with the City of Atlanta’s Department of Watershed Management. 

“For me, the opportunity to test out our product and demonstrate it, pilot here in a relevant environment for a potential customer was really priceless,” said Morris. “We have a very supportive city government. We believe Atlanta is the best place to start a business given these various support activities they city can and does actively do for startups.” 

She added: “We are proud to be an Atlanta startup and we wave the Atlanta flag wherever we go."

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